Black and White Flashcards – Glenn Doman Visual Stimulation

Hello Baby Jayden, 

Today mummy filled her time up with doing Black and White Flashcards for you. I read from Glenn Doman’s “How smart is your baby” book that contrasting colour are what you see when you are a newborn, so I can train your vision via this way.

I downloaded and printed some free printable words and pictures in black and white from Doman Mom’s website. This amazing mother is an advocate of Glenn Domans’ theories and have made a lot of materials based on his books. She has helped eased so much work off to be and current mums who want to use the Glenn Doman resources, without having to pay a huge sum of money to purchase the gentle revolution kits from the Doman website.

While searching for more black and white contrasting images, I came across this online right brain training website which also offered free printsbles for trial –printable patterns/objects in black and white from Brillbaby.

Just a few weeks back, I bought 400 pcs of 350gsm A5 flashcards from Carousell for $24 and I was ready to start making the flashcards!

Materials required – 

1. 350 gsm A4 or A5 flashcards

2. Free printables black and white images – patterns/objects etc

3. Glue 

4. A ruler/scissors

Since the printables from Doman Mom came in A4 size, I had to join 2 pieces of A5 flashcards to make an A4 flashcard. 

Glue both the back of the printed images and the blank flashcards to ensure that they stick well. I used non toxic glue stick so that it’d be safe for the baby and no water marks will be left behind.


The free printables from Brillbaby were in A5 size and since it’s a Chinese taboo to use scissors for pregnant mums to be, I used a long 30cm ruler to tear up the A4 paper into A5 pieces and stick them onto the A5 blank flashcards.


I guess that I will probably use the Doman Mom’s A4 black and white images when upon Baby Jayden’s birth and then use the smaller A5 ones when Baby Jayden seems to be able to see better after 2-3 months. 

I read on Doman Mom that the required size of 10″ X 10″ based on “How smart is your baby” book is not necessary as the babies are actually able to see A4 sizes just as well when the images are 8″ away from their eyes. It’s so hard to find 10″ X 10″ printables as well so I shall make do with it! 


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